Drupal Installation and Setup

Drupal Installation and Setup and Maintainer

As a Drupal site maintainer, you can leverage the power of CVS to make installation and updates simple and fast. In order to do so, you need to have the ability to run cvs from the command line on the computer that will house your site. If your site will be on a Unix (Mac) or Linux computer, then you should have the cvs command line ability built-in. If you are trying to house a site on a Windows machine, then you will probably need to install something like Cygwin to enable cvs command line ability. Drupal Installation and Setup should note that most readers will probably be hosting their site on a Linux shared-hosting machine. As such, their site will exist on a computer that should already has cvs command line capabilities, meaning no additional software needs to be installed on the server. Nevertheless, the user still needs a way to run cvs commands on the server from their own local computer.

Drupal Dugs fixing

Drupal's developers are constantly fixing bugs and striving to make our Drupal installations as safe as possible - there have been 6 security updates of the 5.x and 6.x branches so far in 2008. If you have several sites, Drupal Installation and Setup the maintenance work can really cut into your time.

Drupal Installation Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide an easy to use, no hassle Drupal installation guide, regardless of the version you're installing. Remember that Drupal is one of the more powerful CMS (Content Management Systems), Drupal Installation and Setup and may not be as easy to use or install out of the box as say, the more popular Wordpress blogging platform. But once you have Drupal installed and are comfortable using it, you'll see that you have greater flexibility and power at your fingertips.

Drupal Installation Process

The installation and setup of a Drupal server has come a long way since it's birth. Over the past year alone the setup process has become much more simplified, Drupal Installation and Setup especially with the release of Drupal 6. Drupal 5 installations require a few minor tweaks in order to get the most out of your Drupal server. Drupal 6 on the other hand, has many of those other steps taken out and are just part of the installation process now.

Drupal Installing

Installing a Drupal CMS on the NC State Engineering Servers is a suprisingly quick and easy process, especially when compared to other highly-rated CMSes. Drupal, unlike most other CMSes, functions properly even with basedir restrictions in effect. Joomla and WordPress, Drupal Installation and Setup for example, require heavy modification in order to function properly in the EOS environment. This installation guide is current as of v.6.3.

Drupal Installing Version

if you're building a test install on any Windows version before Vista, you can't use .htaccess without various problems and must redefine it in the AccessFileName directive in your httpd.conf as ht.access or something. If you've done this, Drupal Installation and Setup the Gallery URL Rewrite test will not work until you copy it over to a file named ht.access in the file that it tells you to modify when mod_rewrite test fails during URL config. Once the plugin is finally activated, G2 creates a .htaccess file in the gallery root. It needs to be copied and renamed as well. In both cases leave the original .htaccess so that Gallery and drupal find them when looking to see if they're writeable.

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