Drupal Maintanence

Drupal Maintenance


Building your one of a kind CMS to deliver your brand in dynamic new ways- is the begining of the journey. We understand that sometimes clients have started the project with a firm, they no longer want to work with, or used another Drupal shop for their initial phase- then for whatever reasons (better performance, improved customized features or data base performance) they want Achieve to step in- no problem. Drupal Maintanence can help maintain your site-or more frequently we are asked to solve problems from the initial build, or add new functionality, customize specific modules or improve the performance of various features- all things we are known as leaders within the Drupal community as providing.

Drupal Maintenance Services

Our efforts include redesigning of the site with new theme as well as implementing some of the new features in the site. We make sure that your CMS Drupal Install is up to date, the new point versions are updated, security updates, the theme updated are added and last but not the least the modules are updated well. By implementing the different requirements set by the client, Drupal Maintanence assure that the enhancements have been added to the existing drupal site, followed by that a secured environment is created. If you want to change the site’s complete look, the maintenance department can handle your request by adding some new features related to the theme. Similarly enhancements on the website are also taken care of.

Drupal Maintanence Teams

It happens to every drupal admin. You have your site up and running smoothly. But now you have have to make a change to your site. One that is best done in maintenance mode. Maybe your updating your drupal install to a new version. Maybe your installing some new module. Drupal Maintanence Maybe your moving your site from one server to another. Or any number of other things. Your ready to switch to maintenance mode but you don't want that default look. You want something custom that matches the rest of your site. Here's what you can do.

Drupal Maintanence Package

Drupal allows end users to maintain their own site content through a web browser. This empowers users to create and maintain their own websites while still retaining administrative control. streamlined website creation workflow allowing more sites to be updated with a shorter turn around time. Drupal Maintanence also removed the 'webmaster bottleneck' by allowing end users to create and maintain their own content without the assistance of specially trained staff.

Drupal Maintanence Resources

Drupal Maintanencealso facilitates increased information exchange. The Drupal CMS allows sites to share content and resources. Drupal's modular nature has allowed to develop custom plug-ins to handle the distribution of central information such as course and faculty lists, calendars, and even PennKey (central University authentication) that can be extended to all Drupal sites. Drupal's built in RSS support allow for content syndication and distribution, replacing such as mailing lists.With our Drupal maintenance package, your Drupal system will always have the upgrades and patches you need. Every month we’ll make a complete check of your system to insure that you have the latest version on every piece of your site. Drupal Maintanence take this seriously because hackers and viruses regularly exploit what the latest patch just fix, hoping that they might catch someone who has fell behind the curve.

At the outset, Drupal Maintenance you will be appointed an account manager who will remain your single point of contact for the duration of the project. Your account manager will organize an initial consultation (phone or meeting) to discuss your requirements and identify your underlying goals.