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drupal theme developer Open Sourcery is looking for a Drupal Theme Developer for a full-time job in our office in Portland. Your primary role will be working with a team of Drupal developers and graphic designers to create world-class web applications and insightful web sites. You will be working to convert graphical comps into Drupal themes, using CSS, PHP and jQuery. Familiarity with graphic creation, manipulation and optimization will be very important on a daily basis. We're looking for someone with deep understanding as well as interest in theming and front-end design. Drupal does not have any special web hosting requirements. You can host a drupal site with any PHP / MySQL web hosting provider. However there are some web hosts which provide some excellent support and features for Drupal sites. Most drupal hosting companies will provide you with Auto Installation or Free drupal installation.

Documentation includes the official handbooks, the massive API Reference, numerous tutorials, blogs, videos, Drupal Theme Developer and podcasts, and the excellent new book Pro Drupal Development. This means easier, cheaper and stable development.

Drupal Theme Developer

The web site graphically must have a "cool", "bad-ass", "elite soldier", "extreme sports" feeling. We must appeal to the younger age groups. It should look like a cross between a military web-site and a cool video game (such as a clan site). Drupal Theme Developer You must produce a design, and all graphic assets the developer needs to implement your designs. This should include all graphic assets required for the entire site and its content. IE: Unique graphics elements of interest on every page in the site which relate the the purpose of the page. If you wish, we can leverage a cheap or free template.

Drupal Theme Designer

A successful website hinges on so much more than merely aesthetics. Careful analysis of consumer wants and needs coupled with strategic execution is critical to the delivery of a successful product. At Drupal Theme Developer Inc., our expertise encompasses targeted marketing goals with the best that design & usability has to offer for your business.

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Rule-based theming is somewhat achievable with XML+XSLT, though not in Drupal – yet. There is an argument that XSLT is too difficult for designers or themers to use. I agree with Hahn's argument that it reuses all the same concepts that these people know from HTML, Drupal Theme Developer CSS and Drupal them able hooks. There are no new concepts to learn, just how they're applied. Therefore should not be difficult to learn. ,

Drupal Theme Customization

Drupal doesn't impose any particular "look" on a website, regardless of what you may have heard. The Drupal pattern is to provide a default, then allow an override. This approach applies to pretty much everything, Drupal Theme Developer opening the door to complete customization, and this is at least as true of the presentation layer as anywhere else in the system.

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As Drupal's theme system has grown more sophisticated, the Drupal documentation team has struggled to tell its story. A major rewrite of both the theme system and the theme guide for Drupal 6 inadvertently made it all harder for designers, Drupal Theme Developerbecause the documentation is aimed more at the journeyman Drupal developer than at a guy whose strengths are outside the world of coding.