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Drupal Theme Development For instance, We once had a project that included specific presentation instructions for the events module. By default, the module presents a list of upcoming events in a specific way as well as an icon that is an iCal link to automatically add the event to your desktop calendar. To meet the customer's request in a timely manner, we was tempted to find and modify code within the event.module file. Much as this was a speedy solution to the challenge, it presented the problem of making it impossible to upgrade the module and keep the presentational preference. we faced a similar challenge in customizing the presentation of search results. These are just two of the many examples in which a Drupal theme and presentation developer is often tempted to modify logic code to quickly achieve an objective.

Drupal theme Development and e-Commerce. Which will be good to help the community in a different way and things like that. Now, this is completely optional, but e-donations that we DO get does allow us to do things like hire people to do specific tasks, and work on ways of bettering our system. The more donations we get, the better/more time we can spend working on things, so that will be good.

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The process of Theme Development involves briefing of design specification by the client. Once the layout is confirmed, the design is coded to XHTML/CSS, and finally the design is converted into an actual Drupal theme. This process ensures both that the original client specifications are met, Drupal Theme Development and that the design results in a standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible theme.

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You'd logically expect the background image and the element to line up, Drupal Theme Development and move as one when the view port is resized. However, this is not the case. Depending on the view port width, the background can be offset one pixel to the left or right. This obviously wreaks havoc on many designs. I decided to investigate this more closely and the results are not pretty.

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